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Jeffery Berlin Green

THE SHORT STORY.  Born in the hot month of August in Houston, Texas; baptized in the film and photographic world in Los Angeles - at home in Berlin. Not born with a camera in hand, but soon it became a constant companion- those of you who know me will attest to that!


I’ve been having dreams; which I indulge in frequently, but in particular dreams of this website. For a long time I’ve meant to showcase in one location the beautiful People, Places, Events and Things I’ve been lucky enough to spend time in, with, touch, partake of and record.


Many of the projects are the result of various commissioned work- others the fruit of a pure initiative to immerse myself in creation, collaboration and contribution.

      For I possess a deep passion for transforming ideas, as well as the existing and historical environment into portable and playable stories, and see the combination of filmmaking and photography as the most powerful tool for education, entertainment, and personal storytelling.



T: +49(0)151-542-07065

Thank you! I look forward.

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